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Palm Springs trip

by EHS Women's Basketball on 06/07/16

June 17, leaving 2pm


by EHS Women's Basketball on 04/25/16

Start to plan now for the fireworks fundraiser, nothing to sell, nothing to work just get everyone you know to mention they are buying for Esperanza Girls basketball Boosters. That's all you have to do and we get 30% of all sales back to us. How easy is that.
Easier Redemption: This year customers will be able to bring a printed flyer from your organization, show the flyer on a mobile device, or simply let the cashier know that they were contacted by your organization.
2 Locations: Two sales locations will be available this year to Anaheim residents. Honda Center and 2nd location the shopping center at the NWC of Brookhurst and Ball . Flyer in schedules section.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 04/14/16

Summer Camp: Registration is coming first week in May. Have parents check District or EHS websites. Athletes MUST have an updated Physical on file and complete the Summer Camp Registration. Physical Day is May 25 at YLHS for $30. It's a fundraiser for your sport and athletics. Students do not have to be athletically cleared through FamilyID to do summer camp.

Athletic Clearance: No more paper packets. Registration is online through FamilyID website. Athletes DO have to hand-deliver an ORIGINAL Physical to the school. Parents can upload insurance card to FamilyID or hand deliver a copy. 


by EHS Women's Basketball on 02/22/16

The girls are looking great, double OT win last Saturday and now at home this Wed. Feb 24th. 7:00 PM, lets show our support in BIG NUMBERS in the stands.
Esperanza vs. Patriot at Esperanza High @ 7:PM.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 01/11/16

We will have Senior Night on Feb. 5th prior to the 5:30 game. This is where we honor our outgoing seniors. Hope everyone can be in the stands to join in on the fun.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 01/11/16

We are hosting 2 tournaments, one on the weekend of Jan 30-31, and the other the weekend of Feb 20-21.  We will be looking for volunteers to help and donated food items.

Board Meeting Sunday Jan 10th

by EHS Women's Basketball on 01/08/16

We are holding a board meeting at Lamppost pizza at 3:30 this Sunday, if interested please join us.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 12/11/15

We have a date for the year end banquet and you don't want to miss it. Monday March 14th at Anaheim Hills Golf Course.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 11/18/15

The season schedule and Dec. calendar will be out soon. I will email everyone when I post to this site.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 09/30/15

Minutes from last nights board meeting.

  • Rhythm Tournament Oct 24th/25th. Volunteers/Donations will be needed. Email will be sent out in a few weeks.
  • Tip-Off event planning under way, this is our season opener party, meet and greet players/parents. We also will have food, games, and a Alumni game. Date pending. More to come.
  • Spirit wear, the girls team is working on designs.
  • Media Guide (Year Book). Need pictures and advertisements. More to come in near future.
  • Varsity Florida Trip, talked about payments and itinerary.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 09/24/15

We will be having a board meeting Sept 29th Tuesday at Lamp Post Pizza next to Ruby's. If interested please join us.

Register Fundraiser

by EHS Women's Basketball on 09/02/15

The Orange County Register fundraiser was passed out to all players. Every player was given 10 sheets with 2 required to sell for the program and all others sold will go towards each player's "player donation".  Fundraiser ends & due October 4th. This is a big way to lower your donation cost. Some players last year sold enough to cover their entire donation. You can make copies of the originals if you need more then 10.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 08/20/15

Wow, summer is almost over and with the start of a new School year in a few weeks here we go. I hope everyone enjoyed your 1 month (well almost) off. A few upcoming events

  • Esperanza hosted Tournament Sept 12-13-Need Volunteers
  • Fundraiser Tournament Rhythm Sept 19-20-Need Volunteers
  • Walt work-out program Sept-Oct. More info on cost and schedule coming soon.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 05/25/15

Main Gym June 15th-July 3rd



Main Gym July 6th-July23rd




by EHS Women's Basketball on 02/15/15

We had a great run into round 3 of CIF. North Torrance was just too much for us. What a great season and great job all the girls did getting us to round 3.



by EHS Women's Basketball on 01/18/15

Senior night will be Tuesday FEB 10th. More to come, also the Banquet will be at Anaheim Hills Golf Course, we had it there last year and it was very nice. It will be Monday evening March 9th at 6:00PM until 10:00 PM. This will be a great event and a nice way to end the season. More info to come but mark your calendars NOW, you don’t want to miss this event.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 01/14/15

Figure this out, here is an article in a South Carolina newspaper on our Alaska trip. Nice picture.


by EHS Women's Basketball on 12/27/14

Alaska trip was a big success. The girls played well and took 2nd place. Very proud of how they represented Esperanza High School. See Register article below. Also a artical in Ketchikan paper posted below.

Daily News Staff Writer
A trio of Anaheim, California moms and an aunt waited outside Ketchikan High School government teacher Greg Middag’s classroom, which doubled as a locker room. Inside, a dozen young women from Esperanza High School and their coaches gathered around each other for a post-game huddle on Monday afternoon. They put hands in and shouted homage to their mascot, the Aztecs, before breaking up into high-volume chatter.
One mother stepped into the room before the team scattered into the hallway and called for their attention.
“Who threw the T-shirt out — was it Sierra??Well, the person that caught it thought it was really nice, so he wanted to give you this,” she said and held up a maroon and white Kayhi Kings beanie.
The girls on the team, all in 10th- through 12th-grade, burst into excited squeals and laughter. A light-hearted argument ensued over who was supposed to throw the T-shirt in an Esperanza tradition. Team captain and Esperanza senior Sierra Sorenson confirmed she was the one who threw the red and gold T-shirt into the crowd before?the game.
Her teammates teased her as they left the room, spilling into the hallways in a mob of white and red uniforms, big backpacks and quite a bit of noise.
“Sierra has a boyfriend — ooooohhh,” one teammate cooed.  
“In Alaska, of all places,” Sorenson said and put on the cap.
Some 200 high school students from around the state and the West Coast visited Ketchikan this past week for the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic basketball tournament. The Esperanza Aztecs came the farthest, traveling from Anaheim, California, but teams came from as close as Prince of Wales’ Craig to as far north as Fairbanks.
Ketchikan School District Activities Director Ed Klein said most visiting teams hear about the tournament through word-of-mouth.
“Teams go back down to their conference tournaments and they tell people what a great time they had at the tournament in Ketchikan and they contact us. A lot of the Alaska teams are on a regular rotation and they come back every three or four years. ... We are always looking for teams to fill the tournament, so we rarely turn anybody down.”
Most of the teams in this year’s tournament are returning teams — Esperanza and the Panthers from University Preparatory School in Redding, California are this year’s only first-time teams to Ketchikan.
University Prep’s coach Steven Schuster said coming to Ketchikan makes the public charter school more competitive in their hometown.  
“We're in a town of 100,000, and there are 10 high schools. We're the only one that's going to cool places, so it's nice to highlight that when teams come to my school,” Schuster said. “In Ketchikan, you know you're going to (Kayhi) because it's the only option, but for us, we need to do things that set us apart. Kids from different teams are going on and liking photos on Instagram and stuff of our adventures in Ketchikan, and it just sticks out to kids as they're deciding which school they want to go to.”
Schuster said another benefit of the tournament is the audience.
“One of the things that the community has been talking about is the gym is going to have some more people in it, which girls’ basketball doesn't typically play (for large crowds) in California. We don't see many people in the gym to watch games.”?
Anacortes High School head coach Brett Senff — whose team is from Washington state — said the tournament presents an opportunity to play teams outside of local leagues, though some teams are already familiar.
“It’s been great competition and with different teams that we hadn’t seen before,”?Senff said Tuesday, adding “we used to have kind of a rivalry with Petersburg, so we know them, and it’s good to get up here.”
Klein said the community plays a big role in making the tournament possible, especially local hotels that donate rooms for coaches and families who volunteer to house players. But the fans play a big part, too, especially when the workday ends.
“It will be a lot more fun (for the evening games) because the gym will be full. In the daytime, unfortunately people have to work. Why don't they come watch basketball?”?Klein said. “A lot of the die-hards, they take days off on the tournament days because they like the three full days of basketball.”
Local referee Danny Smith is one of those die-hards.
“I take vacation just to come ref these games. I take time off to be here. It's enjoyable to come out and see the people, the fans, the kids from the different schools that come in,” Smith said.
Smith said he’s been reffing the tournament for the past five years and has become familiar with returning coaches. He said he gets stopped in the grocery store by out-of-towners quite often this time of year.
“It's a joy that (the coaches) recognize me and know that I'm still here,” Smith said, adding, “you know them, shake hands, say, ‘It's nice to see you back here again.’ Even though they yell at me half the time, we still enjoy each other.”



by EHS Women's Basketball on 11/30/14

TUES. DEC 16th playing Huntington Beach in new gym.

JV- 5:00

Varsity- 6:30


by EHS Women's Basketball on 11/30/14

Monday Dec. 8-13 Schedule will be out soon.

Orange HS Tournament Champs 3rd year in a row